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Having chosen the profession of medicine over movies and teaching, Dr. Seemma nurtures high ambitions to serve society and be an enabler in human evolution. She is the founder of Aura Anti-aging Centre, the first-of-its-kind facility in Bengaluru, south India.

She is also the Founder-Director of Namma Mitra Foundation, a social charitable organization which focuses on Health, Education, Environment and Self-sustenance of the needy and underprivileged.



At the indication of her mentor, Dr. Seemma chose to study anti-ageing medicine at Victus Life in Bali, Indonesia, and has not stopped to look back ever since. Aura Anti-Ageing Center was rolled out in 2009 and till date Dr. Seemma has been instrumental in bringing smiles to hundreds of faces which include prominent personalities from the fields of fashion, films, sports and industry. Recently, Dr. Seemma represented India as a speaker at the 13th Malaysian Anti-Ageing conference where she left a remarkable impression. She regularly conducts workshops for doctors across India and abroad.


Always one to explore new paths, Dr. Seemma chose to go beyond traditional medicine and tread the path of functional medicine by engaging each of her patients in a therapeutic partnership. Through functional medicine, she studies the unique lifestyle, environmental and genetic factors influencing each of her patients and offers health solutions then.

Dr. Seemma has adopted a futuristic and modern approach to healthcare. She believes that the needs of each patient are different and the underlying cause of disease should be treated and not just its symptoms.


Having picked up strong values from her grandmother, Dr. Seemma didn’t have to think twice before taking a plunge into social work. During one of her medical camps, she realized that the village of Banadur in Dharwad district of Karnataka lacked basic amenities on the healthcare and education front. She immediately took an initiative and decided to get active in the hamlet.

In the process, she founded Namma Mitra, a charitable organization that works on a wide range of projects connecting several rural communities.


Dr. Seemma’s medical journey started 12 years ago when she completed her MBBS in Bengaluru. Over the past decade, she has been associated with some of the most prestigious hospitals both in India and abroad. These include the Bisha hospital and the world-class King Abdullah hospital in Saudi Arabia. While in Saudi Arabia, she was exposed to laser therapy and treatment, which motivated her to pursue studies at the Australian Institute for laser technology. Seeing her potential, her mentor further persuaded her to take up anti-ageing as an area of specialization. Currently, she works in close association with the American Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine (A4M), the Australian Medical Laser Association (AMLA) and Care 100 Research Group. Dr Seemma specializes in Clinical Nutrition, Clinical Laser therapies, Anti-Ageing therapies, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement, Therapeutic Lifestyle, Dermal & Scar Repair, Musculoskeletal Disorder Treatment and Regenerative Therapy. She has successfully conducted several workshops and presents talks at reputed institutes like YPO-WPO, FICCI, Kerala Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI) and Wellness India.

Aura Anti-Aging Centre

Aura Anti-Ageing Center, located in the heart of Bengaluru city, offers a one-stop solution for all those who want to prevent, slow or reverse the effects of ageing. The Center is the first of its kind to be set up in India and is already creating waves through its revolutionary offerings.
At the center, Dr. Seemma uses the six pillars of anti-ageing treatment, namely: nutrition, physical exercise, stress control, BHRT, advanced technology (stem cell therapy, gene therapy and nano-technology) and aesthetic medicine to make her patients look and feel younger.

Social Entrepreneur

Namma Mitra Foundation, founded by Dr.Seemma Saadikha, works on a wide range of projects connecting with numerous rural communities. Earlier this year the foundation installed a solar grid in Banadur village which powered street lights and 70 houses with sufficient electricity for lighting and charging. The children now have the luxury of studies after sunset, while the residents have better visibility. Introduction of E-Shala(E-Learning Program), enabled students a chance at higher and quality education as compared to prevailing system limited to standard 5. All content is in Kannada and English,making it easier for the children to learn and understand all subjects from class 5 to class 10. The foundation has been actively conducting Medical Camps in remote villages across Karnataka region providing free check-ups, consultation and distributing medicines and supplements to the needy. More recently a Cell Phone repair training camp was conducted in the village with a more hands-on practical experience.

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Clients Say

  • After years of struggle with persistent health issues, I approached Dr. Seemma Saadikha, on the advice of friends who had benefitted from her medical care. Since then I have been under her prescribed regimen. I have benefitted immensely from Dr.Seemma’s unique methods of a holistic approach, which transcends the boundaries of conventional medical treatment. Thanks to her treatment, there has been remarkable improvement in my general health accompanied by considerable loss of weight. That aside, what sets her apart, is her commitment and dedication to the noble cause of alleviating the sufferings of ailing humanity.
    - PARUL DEBI DAS, IAS(Retd.), Member, Assam State Police Accountability Commission & Former Additional Chief Secretary, Govt of Assam.

  • I was suffering from diabetes, high BP, extremely high triglycerides and overweight after my baby was born. All this caused severe depression. Even insulin did not help me control diabetes. I had lost hope of living a healthy life; however, Dr. Seemma’s detox and medication helped me get rid of insulin and I also lost about 10 kgs of weight. I feel much healthier today and my stamina levels are great. It’s more than a year since she treated me and my sugar, BP and weight are in good control. I can’t thank Dr. Seemma enough for her treatment and dedication towards her patients!
    - Poonam, PR Profesional

  • "After having gone to several doctors across the country to help me get a healthy, glowing skin, my search finally came to an end when I met Dr. Seemma. Not only is she a pioneer in her field but what sets her apart from other doctors is the personal attention that she gives to all her clients in spite of her hectic schedule. She has been extremely patient with me and has given me advice both as a doctor and as a friend. Needless to say, her remedies have worked wonders for me. I cherish her company deeply and am blessed to have found her. And for those of you who are yet to find the ideal functional medicine doc, need I say more?"
    - Rose Mathews

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